Corporate Profile

Our professionalism and unwavering commitment to a set of core values have always been our drives to reach our goal. Our Values consist of Integrity, Teamwork, Holistic, Achievement, Creativity, and Advancement (ITHACA)




We make a personal commitment to follow code of conduct, to obey applicable laws and regulations, to avoid all conflicts of interest and above all, to be honest, fair and trustworthy.



To achieve the ultimate success, individual talent moves forward together as a team. Teamwork can be achieved by empathy, care, and respect for each other.



Based on the concept of holism (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts), each individual action must be reflected as an inter-relating series of whole organization, rather than an interconnected series of parts.



We set our goals and strive to achieve them. We have the integrity, courage, self-confidence, and perseverance to stay ahead of the business.



Always full of creativity and original ideas, our highly engaged conscientious personnel continuously strive to bring innovative, high quality products and services.



Always learn, learn and learn. Rapidly transform that learning and put innovative ideas into action.




Our management team consists of professional people who are experienced and dedicated in the IT industry.


Executive Director / CEO :

Rheza Sistiadi, M. Sc, MM


Board of Directors :

Ir. G. Hidayat Tjokrodjojo

Ir. Handoko Rimbawan

Ir. Inkawati T


General Manager :

Anja Dewanta (Sales & Marketing)

Hanny Bogar (Service & Support)


We have a complete team of consultants for ERP solutions, and in general each consultant has expertise specific to the type of industry they were ever implemented. You can rely on the ability of our consultants, particularly in terms of the application of the most appropriate ERP solution for your company.




To provide a comprehensive and integrated solutions, BSI apply the concept of "ONE SOLUTION" starting from the preparation of the planning system, hardware requirements and network infrastructure, up to the preparation of a blueprint for the implementation of ERP solutions, even with the support and services all the way to maintaining peak performance of the system.


BSI is a subsidiary of PT Realta Chakradarma (REALTA), an IT company that has been in the provision of business solutions and IT since 1983. REALTA established BSI to focus on providing ERP solutions.



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